WebIx for mobile business apps development


We are evaluating UI development framework for mobile business application development which runs on Andriod and iOS devices. We have decided to use Phonegap framework.

Could you please let us know on how WebIx can add value for UI development compared to other UI development frameworks.

Do you have any success stories with respect to mobile business apps which are developed using WebIx & phone gap framework?? If yes, could you please share the details so that we can download and check these apps from Android and iOS market place. This would really help us to quickly decide on the UI development framework.



  • There are few major things

    • easy and flexible layouts, you can define necessary UI of your app without messing with HTML styles and their compatibility on different devices.
    • rich set of widgets. Such controls like tree, datatable, treetable, charts, combos and others - they are simple doesn't exist in normal HTML
    • high rendering performance allow to use the result APP on the wide range of devices

    Webix works nicely with phonegap ( actually, most html libraries will work with phonegap ). We will publish the related tutorial in next few days.

    if your app contains common UI element, such as lists, grids, charts, then Webix will simplify development process.
    If you need a custom views, based on raw HTML - Webix will not give you any major benefits.

  • Thanks for the prompt response.

    Could you please share any references to mobile business apps developed using WebIx framework?

  • Hi maksim, Could you please share the requested details at the earliest.


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    Hello Prashanth,

    you can check the projects made with the Webix library by the following links:

    1) http://xbsoftware.com/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/Workflow-Application-For-Businesses-Case-Study-EN.pdf

  • Thanks Nika. This helps.

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