RTL support

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Is there an RTL version CSS file?



  • Nope, there is no RTL version.

  • Is there a road map for it?
    Will you consider adding it if someone helps?

    I suppose you use LESS so it will be difficult to help but there should be way to work this out...

  • Currently we don't have such plans.

    Adding rlt styling to the page already do most of the job, though

  • Hi,
    That is possible to make it RTL,
    I shoud override css, so for me it's a little hard,
    but for you it is easy.
    If you want I could take the time for that.

  • Hello @Majid,
    Unfortunately, we do not have any specific support for RTL languages.
    We can consider the relevant updates for the future releases, but such improvements cannot be made instantly.
    If you have a list of the issues you have faced during the RTL implementation, we will be glad if you could share it so that we can evaluate it further and consider the required changes.

  • That is conceivable to make it RTL,

    I should supersede css, so for me it's somewhat hard,

    be that as it may, for you it is simple.

    In the event that you need I could set aside the effort for that.

    much obliged

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