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I am trying to use ng-view with webix, sample code is

partial included by router:

<div webix-ui="contacts.viewConfig"> </div>

js code:

//i am try to describe full page in one config
app.controller('ContactsCtrl', function(){
this.viewConfig = {
rows: [
{view: 'template', type: 'header', template: 'My header'},
cols: [
{view: 'list', data: [....]}
{view: 'form', elements: [....]}

ui rendering ok, but i see unwanted behavior of elements, some of them not refreshes on window resize, some - after changing elements properties(templates, etc). $$('elementId').refresh() - helps with view updating, but i suspect - this way not normal.

Question is:
Do you have any recomendation for work with angular ng-view? or maybe webix analog for routing/changing view without reloading page?


  • I have the same question. Specifically how to add a new view and attache a separate controller from a different js file. I will be loading many many views and I need to separate my controllers. Have you found a solution what works for you? I would appreciate any feedback from you or the Webix Team. Thanks!

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