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I need to get the cell row id as well as column id in the event onAfterEditStop. I am able to get rowid by methods this.getSelectedId() or editor.row. How do I get which column has been edited?




  • edited July 2014


    Both row id and column id can be derived from editor object. All in all, it contains

    • column - column id
    • config - column configuration object
    • node - html element of the cell being edited
    • row - row id
    • value - initial value of the cell
          onAfterEditStop:function(state, editor, ignore){
               var rowid = editor.row;
                var column = editor.column;
  • Thank you. where are these editor properties listed? Am I not seeing the documentation properly?

  • Hmm.. this information is missing in the documentation now. We will update the docs for more detailed description of editing events. Thank you.

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