Add View to AccordionItem

edited July 2014 in Technical questions

I have:

  \_Accordion Item 1 (Grid)
  \_Accordion Item 2 (Form)

How can I replace Form in "Accordion Item 2" w/o loosing "Accordion Item 2"?
AccordionItem does not have methods "addView", "removeView".

Current solution:

var Accordion = $$("UIAccordion"); var formAIChild = Accordion.getChildViews()[1]; if(formAIChild !== undefined){ Accordion.removeView(formAIChild); }; var formConfig = webix.markup.parse(<SomeText>); Accordion.addView(formConfig , 1);

This solution deletes "Accordion Item 2" and replaces it with new childForm, instead of removing "Form" adding childForm into "Accordion Item 2".


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