Datatable: Dropdown select not showing arrow & weird drag 'n drop artefacts with editors


I have 2 questions concering the datatable:
1. When I add a dropdown select to a table, its down arrow is not showing until I click on it. How can I fix this?
2. There are some weird artefacts showing up while using drag 'n drop.
See this example for more info.


  • There is no way to have a native select editor opened (there is no cross-browser api to trigger select opening - this is a browser level limitation )

    You can change editor to "richselect", check the updated snippet

  • Hi maksim

    I don't want the select editor to be opened. I would like to make the down arrow visible right from the start. This down arrow is important to indicate to the user that he can actually change those values.

    Would you consider my fix for the second question to be efficient or is there a better way than to put edit.stop in an onBeforeDrag event handler?

    btw: While browsing through your docs, I noticed that there's a "it is initiated in" string floating around under "Properties". It's just below the autofit entry

  • edited August 2014

    Would you consider my fix for the second question to be efficient

    Yes, I think we will add the same code as default behavior in the next build

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