webix gpl as ui on commercial server


Is it allowed to use the GPL version as UI that communicates via REST calls to a commercial backend?


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    I think, It is allowed to use the GPL version of Webix for UI that communicates via REST calls to a commercial backend. I'm not a lawyer, so you may want to contact an actual lawyer for the legal advice.

    In any case, you can't put all of them into one package that will be distributed as one app.

  • Thanks for the explanation. Distribution as two separate applications is okay.

  • I am glad that I've helped you.

  • @Nika, @Maksim: can you please comment on this issue? I've proposed Webix for Meteor's UI components and there have been counter-arguments regarding the non-permissive GPL license of Webix.

  • The GPL license has one major limitation in comparison to MIT or FreeBSD licenses. Sources of software written in GPL can't be closed. They must be available to users.

    In case of MIT or FreeBSD license you can provide software and do not share sources.

  • Thanks Maksim. To clarify for others, you must provide (when asked) the source code of the client side of the app only. You do not have to provide the server code. However, the client code may be the most important part of your app, and it may well be worth it to compensate XB Software for their work and purchase a commercial license, thus protecting your code.

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