Webix jet addView logic

Is it possible to realize tabview's addView and removeView logic using webix jet concept? How can I add a cell into existing tabview?



  • Every time you switch to the needed page, it gets re-initialized from the original state (array of cells). In such case, you need to modify this state on each add/removeView command.

  • @Listopad is there a "proper" way to add a cell into existing tabview? should I use common addView or a way like defining { $subview: true }?

  • There's no any "jet-way" to implement this. In addition to addView(), the array of the tabs has to be stored and modified according to the actual configuration of the tabview. For instance, within a session it may look as follows:

    in models/tabs:

      var cells =[ /* initial tabs */ ];  
      return {
        addNewTab:function(obj){ cells.push(obj) } // defining a custom method

    in views/tabview:

      var ui = {
          view:"button", click:function(){
            var tab = { /* tab config */ };
            tabs.addNewTab(tab); // adding the tab to the array
      return {
        $ui: ui
  • thanks. that's clear.

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