bug 4.1.0: label on richselect using styled element

worked on 3.4.5, error behavior on 4.1.0.

Label is mixed with content on rich select.
See snipped: http://webix.com/snippet/3a1361c9


  • Yep, from 4.0 label text is passed to aria-label attribute of the rendered input to maintain accessibility.

    We will add a fix for this issue, but for now you should use double inner quotes: http://webix.com/snippet/53e8e24b

  • thank for bug confirmation. when will a fix be available?

    i have single quotes at many places in my project inside doublequoted strings, so a simple search/replace will not work.

  • The next update is scheduled for February, but if you have a support subscription and need the fix ASAP, please contact support@webix.com.

  • when is next update coming? i have active pro version, but no support subscription actually.

  • @chris the update is scheduled for February, 23rd.

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