webix.ajax().stringify() erases timezone info

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I have an app that need to get time info, in the browsers zone. For example, if a user is in the +01:00 (Paris) timezone and he inputs 22:00:00, The timezone info should be there so I can tell this is a 21:00:00 UTC timestamp.

I have made some tests and JSON.stringy() default function includes the timezone info. Example:

var value = {time: $$('$datepicker4').getValue()}
//=> "{"date":"2017-01-05T21:00:00.000Z"}" 

But when submitting a form, webix uses it's built-in stringify function, resulting in a string without timezone info:

var value = {time: $$('$datepicker4').getValue()}
//=> "{"date":"2017-01-05T22:00:00"}"

Is that the expected behavior? If it is, how I can make my form submit this value with the timezone info included?


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    To avoid ambiguity dates are parsed and stringified under the same format, which is stored in the locale as webix.i18n.parseFormat. By default it is "%Y-%m-%d "%H:%i". At the same time, Webix Date parser does not process timezones at all.

    Still, you can modify the stringify method in the webix.ajax module to achieve the needed behaviour: http://webix.com/snippet/52ac168f

    This method is used in the library only when issuing server requests, so such a global change will not affect other cases.

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    That's what I had in min (overriding stringify function), but I end up manually parsing the date before sending to the server.

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