Fully customize Excel export from pivot table

I'm using the pivot table and have successfully used the Export to Excel functionality.

However, I would want to heavily customise this export. For instance I want to:

  • Use headings

  • set format some of the cells to currency/number/date format

  • create borders

  • set font styling such as bold/highlight/underline etc

Is something like this possible using the standard export to Excel functionality? If not, what other options are there?

Alternatively, is it possible to send the processed pivot data back to my server? My server would then be able to generate the Excel file with the required formatting, but I'm hoping there is an easier way?



  • Webix uses an external library which allows exporting only string or numeric values, but not the styling/format.

    Even if values are formatted in the toExcel function, they will be exported as strings: http://webix.com/snippet/3209d586

    Moreover, our export features depend on the column IDs, which are dynamic in Pivot, so I'm afraid there's no way to customize the current solution.

    > is it possible to send the processed pivot data back to my server?

    The data can be manually extracted with the serialize() method as

    $$("pivot").serialize() // original dataset
    $$("pivot").$$("data").serialize() // configured dataset

    Where $$("data") refers to the configuration of the inner datatable.

  • Thanks L

    I've taken a look at the configured dataset and I think it will take a bit more effort than I hoped to reconstruct the data in Excel.

    Think I'll just try to to get the number formatting working for now

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