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Hi there,
I need a bit of help with my "webix code" because as follows ...
With a "click" on a button a modal, moveable and resizeable window opens with a form inside. One part of the form is a text-component wich i want to have as "suggest-able". Everything is fine but the suggestbox scrolls with the main website in the back and seams not to be a part of the window/popup.
What is wrong??

Regards Andreas



  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, I can confirm the issue.

    By default, window/popup's position is fixed regarding the page. It's true for all windows, including the popup of the suggest. At the same time, position:'center' (or top) sets the window in the center of the screen regardless of the size of the page. Suggest is linked to the certain page coordinates, so it will be moved by scrolling.

    For now, I recommend you avoid setting the relative position and use the top/left properties instead.

  • Hi Listopad,
    many thanks for your answer. It's pitty that you cant confirm the problem. After a while i found out, that it seams to be a problem with newer versions of the (my main) browser firefox. When i move the window/popup for 2 or 3 times, the window/popup "stick's" on my cursor. 2 or 3 clicks later the window an the suggest works as i want. I dont know why it is so, but i need to find an other way ...
    thanks for your time!

  • Unfortunately, I can't represent the mentioned behavior.

    Currently, the ui.window will "stick" to the cursor if it was outside of the browser window while moving the widget. After the 1st click on the page, ui.window will be placed at the actual cursor position.

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