File Manager Show modal box

I need to show modal popup window upon click on file. We need to show upload component on this modal box and we need to have next and cancel buttons.

If user clicks on next button, We need to show the different content in the same modal box. Here we have to show previous and next buttons.

Could you please provide the above scenario template code


  • Hello,

    You can look up the basic steps in the following snippet:

  • Hi Helga, Thank you so much.

    When user clicks on next button, I need to load the other content without closing popup(dynamically load body content on the popup without refreshing the page)

  • You can replace the body (e.g. with id:"body") with another content using webix.ui method:

    webix.ui({template:"new content"}, $$("body"));

    You can check the related docs by the link.

  • Thanks for the comments. After clicking next button, We need to fire uploader API. For that we need to pass selected folder id.

    How can i get filemanager selected parent folder id in the below method
    {view:"button", value:"Next", click:function(){
    webix.ui({template:"new content"}, $$("body"))

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