Async operation in filemanager

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Can filemanager do operation asynchronously? Move, copy, upload...



  • By default, all requests for these features are performed in the asynchronous mode.

  • Thank you! How I can switch between those modes?

  • AJAX operations are described here.

    Sync ajax call can be set as


    You can define it through the custom proxy in request handlers. Here's a quick sample of such notation for datatable:

  • Can I set proxy for other operations: uplod, copy, delete, rename?

  • Sure, each handler can have its own proxy.

    Please check the sample:

  • Unfortunatly, proxy doesn't work for upload handler.
    I always get error:
    POST https://localhost/MyProjectName/Documents/[object Object] 404 (Not Found)

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    Sorry, my bad - proxy objects do not work with file uploading, this is a known limitation.

    Can you share a bit more info about your use-case, why the proxy is necessary for the file uploading? As far as I can see, there are not so many ways how a file can be sent to the server-side.

  • I want to control uploading of multiple files. For instance - I want to know that files was uploaded from one modal dialog window. Or I want to send request to server before upload one file from group of uploading files and after that make decision - upload this file or skip its.

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    You can handle the onBeforeFileAdd og the File Manager uploader to execute custom logic before uploading.

    $$("files").getUploader().attachEvent("onBeforeFileAdd", function(file_struct){
       //if file is ok, send it back to Uploader to start loading
       //cancel default logic
       return false;

    Check the following snippet, please:

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