width and height window and datatable

Good morning, I have the following problem. I develop my pages on a notebook doing pages in full screen, but when I reproduce the site on a bigger monitor is all smallest course. How can I solve this problem? Thank you


  • Hello,

    Are you using fullscreen mode and relative sizing? Can you please provide a snippet to test your implementation?

  • edited March 31
      id: "datatable_preventivo_prodotti",
      resizeColumn: true,
      resizeRow: true,
        { id:"IdProdotto", header:"Id Prodotto", fillspace:true,hidden:true},
        { id:"cCodiceProdotto", fillspace:true, header:"Codice",footer:{text:"Totale:", colspan:3} },
        { id:"cNomeProdotto", fillspace:true, header:"Prodotto" },
        { margin:5, cols:[
          { view:"button", value:"Salva" , type:"form",width:120, align:"right",click:Save_Preventivo_Cliente},
          { view:"button", value:"Annulla", width:120, align:"right", click:"$$('window_preventivo').hide()"}

    the problem is that toolbar does not follow the downsizing

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