Browser stops to open web page suddenly

Dear Webix Team,

I have encountered a strange issue while deploying webix based application in production. Namely browsers (Firefox, Chrome) stop to download my application after they have downloaded webix_debug.min.js when application is accessed for the first time. Once I refresh the page, i.e. press F5 everything works as expected.

You can try this out following this link:

[At first you will see loading icon, refresh the page after a few seconds - the application will show up and ask for username and password]

If the page is updated with cache drop, i.e. ctrl+F5 the strange behavior constantly reproduces.

Could you please provide any hint how to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,




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    As far as I can see, it works correctly for now (at least, on the latest Chrome/FF and on Edge). Is this issue still remains?

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    Hi Listopad,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Indeed it seems to be working now. Sometimes I have to wait up to 5s, but in the end application shows up.

    BTW I have noticed that downloading webix from CDN, i.e. // it works much faster, aka ~0.5 s (10x times). But I get a notification that it is not intended to be used outside Do you provide any public CDN?

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    Latest GPL version is always available (.css)

    Any particular GPL release can be fetched, wherex.x is a number of the version.

    Please note contains resources for the internal use only (for the site, snippet tool, and skin builder)

  • Awesome! Thanks for the info!!!

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