webix.UIManager.addHotKey is not work for F1~F12

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i use webix.UIManager.addHotKey to add hot key, but it doesn't work for F1~F12,
plese see here: http://webix.com/snippet/92d8f476
then i found the function "_keypress" of webix.UIManager use String.fromCharCode to translate keycode to string, this is not right, String.fromCharCode is used to translate unicode to string, not for keycode.

if change
codeid = this._keycode(String.fromCharCode(code), ctrl, shift, alt, meta);
codeid = this._keycode(code >=112 && code <=123 ? 'F' + (code-111) : String.fromCharCode(code), ctrl, shift, alt, meta);
in function "_keypress" of webix.UIManager.
then will be ok.



  • Hi,

    First of all, we do not recommend to edit the source code and won't handle the issues caused by such manipulations.

    Anyway, we will consider the improvement for hotkeys handler. But for now, depending on use-case, you can useonKeyPress event or track the nativekeydown:


  • Any news on when the F1-F12 support will be added to webix.UIManager.addHotKey?

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