Datatable footer

Is it possible to make the footer editable in treetable?

If not, do I have to insert a last row as "footer"?


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    ... additionally I defined my own calculation-method for footer. But I need to call it manually after doing some calculations... How can I call it manually?

    This is my function:

    webix.ui.datafilter.ColumnSum = webix.extend({
        refresh: function(master, node, value){
            var result = 0;
                if(".").length === 1){
                    if (obj[value.columnId]){
                        result = parseInt(result) + parseInt(obj[value.columnId]);
                node.firstChild.innerHTML = result;
    }, webix.ui.datafilter.summColumn);
  • Refresh is called automatically on data update.

    The main way to change the footer's content manually is to set its value and call refreshColumns, something like

    grid.getColumnConfig("votes").footer[0] = { text:"some" }

    But, there's also a possible trick: you can add some custom condition in refresh and update the data depending on it. To trigger the update manually, you can change the condition and call refreshColumns():

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