datatable header "adjust" setting

Interestingly, one of the column header "Out-of-Profile Dropped" is only partially displayed. See link below,


  • There are two reasons for such result:

    1. Adjusting. During the initialization, webix adds some "system" properties to thecolumns object. Using the modified object in the other grid causes the conflict between the configurations. To avoid that, please use acopy of the original object.
      By the way, the same is true for the hierarchical datasets, so we strongly recommend to use a copy whenever you need to reuse the same data/config object.
    2. Displaying. There's a known issue in Flat/Material skins: the font size is miscalculated on init. As a temporary fix, you can redefine the default padding for cells:

  • This works great if the data is not empty. But if the data is empty, then all columns have the same width, no matter which "adjust" value is used for the columns.

  • Hi, I can confirm the bug. Thank you for reporting.

  • The bug is fixed in Webix 4.2.1. The PRO version is already available while the GPL version will be updated in a couple of days.

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