Problem integrating Datatable within a Meteor app.

I am trying to place a datatable within a meteor app. My initial test is to use inline data. Once I have the formatting, etc working; then I will proceed to load data from a database. However, the record does not display across the table (data in the proper column); but, the all of the data displays only in the first column. My code is:

todaysgrid = new webix.ui({ view:"datatable", container: "todayViewPanel", css:"table_style", hover:"table_hover", columns:[ { id:"date", header:'Date', width:120}, { id:"blNo", header:'BL No.', width:150}, { id:"customer", header: 'Customer', width:200}, { id:"shipTo", header: 'Ship To', width:200}, { id:"terms", header: 'Terms', width:75}, { id:"type", header: 'Type', width:75}, { id:"carrier", header: 'Carrier', width:150}, { id:"sku", header:'SKU',width:50}, { id:"product", header:'Name', width:100}, { id:"amt", header: 'Qty', width:75}, { id:"unit", header:'Unit', width:100} ], data:[ {id:1, date:"01/01/16", blNo:"55678432",customer:"Dow", shipTo:"WE: Modesto", terms:"Prepaid", type:"LTL", carrier:"Am Cartage", sku:"1234", product:"Floriban", amt:10, unit:"Case(s)"} ] });

The display looks something like this:

Date BL No Customer Ship To . . . . .

(All this data appears under "Date" in a column:

If you see something wrong with my code or if my implementation with Meteor is wrong, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

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