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In the blog post about vuejs you're advicing to use webix jet for complex applications, but that project doesn't seem very active. Can we expect updates or feature enhancements?



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    Yes, we plan a major update in the end of March


    • ability to use webpack instead of requirejs
    • ability to work with es6 classes
    • ability to work with typescript


    • flexible routing (routing based on a hash, routing based on a full url, url-less routing )
    • ability to block routing ( not finished form, access denied, etc )
    • ability to use webix jet app as a webix view in a more high-level app


    • tools to simplify app bootstrapping
  • Sorry, but the full end of March will come tomorrow. Plans is changed?

  • @kiriruru yes, the release was delayed, unfortunately. It is scheduled for the April, 13th.

  • Thanks. We will wait :)

  • @Listopad, so was it again delayed?

  • Any updates? need to choose between vuejs or jet..

  • any news?

  • Maybe Webix 4.3 will include a new Jet?

  • The new Jet is not part of the 4.3 release. Any updates? Or is it a better option to use the VueJS router, etc. and skip Webix Jet?

  • No updates? Two months later and still not an answer

  • The project is active and we are sorry for keeping silence.

    I must admit we've underestimated the complexity of all enhancements and new features that were planned for this update and we really want to release the Jet as a solid and powerful tool. There's still a lot of work to be done and we hope to complete it up to the Webix 4.4 release.

    P.S. Regarding the question from @kiriruru - yes, new Jet is compatible with the ES6 features

  • Thanks for the update. Can you give an idea of the release date?

  • Webix 4.4 is scheduled for the 27th of June. We will do our best but I can't promise for sure that the Jet will be released on the same day. We will definitely keep you informed, and thanks for your patience.

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