webix typescript definition improvement

Is there any plan to improve existing definition? there are lacks of some documented functions which we can use in plain JS. I just started to use typescript and can not see proxy objects, getTextSize on html interface, data on list|datatable class etc. I can extend interfaces, use some hacks, but I don't think it is the right way. Also I wonder, why config interfaces are independent and not inheriting a parent one? So if I want to extend textconfig, I have to extend all of its logical children by hand.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for reporting the issues.

    Currently, the typescript definitions is created automatically from the info at docs.webix.com. So while static API is correctly exported to typescript, some dynamic elements can be really missed.

    proxy objects
    getTextSize on html interface
    data on list|datatable class

    Will be added in next iteration.

    If you have some other findings, please post them.

    Also I wonder, why config interfaces are independent

    There are some cases when the top level component doesn't use the attributes of the base class, or extend them and allow different types of values for the same attribute.

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