Pivot filter change triggers expand and sort

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My Pivot supports collapsing all rows and sorting them.
However when I change a filter, the pivot is:

  1. filtered (as expected)

  2. all rows expanded (users need to again configure collapse\expand state)

  3. sorting rules are no longer applied (users need to re-sort the column).

This means that for each filter change the user needs to reapply all sort\collapse\expand configurations.

How can I disable this behaviour?



  • Filtering in the pivot is done not against the already rendered data, but against the original dataset. As result, the component needs to recreate and reload dataset after filtering ( the result dataset may differ a lot from the not-filtered one ). And as part of reloading the row collapsing state is lost.

    It possible to get state of datatable ( sorting/open-close state etc. ) and reapply it after filling the pivot

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