How to call events using angular js

i am triying crud operations using angular js and webix combination, i can't understand how to get values using inline edit operation after click enter button,
i need how to get values using double click edit operation along with how to add method for webix-icon

i am using html code


div webix-ui view="datatable" webix-data="records" autoheight="true" select="row" editaction="dblclick" editable="true" hotkey: "enter">


controller code

var app = angular.module('webixApp', [ "webix" ]);
app.controller("webixTestController", function($scope){

webix.UIManager.addHotKey("Enter", function() {
webix.alert("Enter Clicked");



  • Hi,

    You can define event handler on the datatable

    Something like

    <div webux-ui view="datatable"
            webix-event="onAfterEditStop = showInfo(id, details)"

    and in the controller, have the handler's code 

    $scope.showDetails = function(id, details){
          webix.alert("value changed");

    id and details will contain information about the changed cell, its position, old and new values. 

    If necessary, I can share a working sample. 

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