How to get all the data from particular row.

I have a webix data table in which each row having combo.When user select from combo option then I want all the data of that row.How can I get data of particular row.
Event triggering point is when user click on select from combo then I want all the data of that row with select data of combo option.

Please help me
here is my snippet



  • onItemClick will return you the old data. The sequence of events assumes that the click triggers the editing, but the changes will be applied later.

    Check the log in this snippet:

    However, the best way is to use edit-related methods, such as (onBefore-)onAfterEditStart(-Stop). Please check the datatable API to learn which events can be used in different cases.

  • edited March 2017

    Hi LIStopad,
    It is working fine but now one more issue with calendar date select.
    I added calendar to table.When user select date then I want to retrieve selected date and old date with that row data.

    Here is my snippet

    Please help me


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