Compare selected date and old date of webix calendar.

I have old date and selected date.Then I am comparing selected date with current system date.if selected date is less then current system date then I don't want to change old date.

Here is my snippet.
Please help me.



    The approach mostly the same as in the previous topic: if the new value is inappropriate, then block all update-related events and return old value manually.

  • It is updating the selected row auditDeadlineDate its good.
    But how can I get old auditDeadlineDate , I want to get old auditDeadlineDate of checked row inside below{
    if (obj.status){
    //here I want to get old auditDeadlineDate of checked row
    this.updateItem(, {auditDeadlineDate:values.value})

    Here is my snippet
    Please help me.

  • edited April 2017

    old auditDeadlineDate of checked row

    As the editor is not opened for it, old = actual data until updateItem is applied. After updateItem, you won't be able to reverse the changes without a custom code, that will save old values, and will reapply them when necessary.

  • Now user change the date of one selected row, It is updated to all selected row it is good.But I want to call a service with new date of all selected row and previous date of all selected row.

    Please help me


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