List + ActiveContent


There is a big bug : Look at that :

1) Change first Select
2) Blur the list. Click elsewhere
3) Click on Second Select. onChange is raising but no value has changed.

In fact, event raising is not working at all as soon as list has lost Focus.

Hope you can help


  • With a datatable, i have got the same problem. Event onChange is not working correctly

  • The bug is in $masterId

    When you focus elsewhere and you focus back on the select, the new select has the last $masterId.

    You only have to refresh $masterId when focus back.

  • Waiting for your comment.

  • Same problem with richselect

  • Hi.

    Please, I need an ansver. Am i wrong ?


  • Ok.
    I just see that you have fixed the bug with 'richselect' when trying on snippet.
    I can tell you It's not working with 'select'. I think you are working on it.

    Please i need to hear you are working on it. It's important


  • Hi,

    I can confirm the issue with focus handling for ActiveContent inputs.
    Fix will be included in Webix 4.3 (April 26)

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