Two Forms with Buttons and hotkey:"enter"

Hi Webix team, please look at the snippet there are two forms in a multiview with apply Buttons and hotkey:"enter". When I make some input in the Text field and klick the Enter key then the second Form appears and disappears. Do you have some advice for me. Many thanks in advance



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    hotkey catches the keypress globally (regardless of the actual focus), so pressing the Enter anywhere within the UI will trigger the button click (for both buttons, actually).
    However, please note that if the button is focused, Enter will cause the click even without thehotkey definition.

  • Hi guys, I have the same problem/question (see I understand from Listopad answer that the 'hotkey: enter' is not the good solution for our case, but how could we solve it ?

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    Hello @BBe78 ,

    You can try to use focus method

    Also, you can attach a handler to "enter" key pressing with the help of an addHotKey method of the UIManager module

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