Dynamic Loading with Java Connectors Servlet

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I may have not well understood how dynamic loading work, and facing strange behaviors.

I have a Java Servlet getting an Oracle Datasource from my smx server, and using JSONCommonConnector to render the data.
Everything shows well on my client-side UI datatable.

Then I add the dynamic_loading to my servlet, and my browser then sends requests on scroll, like myDataUrl?start=200&count=50&continue=true, which is good.

The problem is when I reach this url myDataUrl?start=200&count=50&continue=true, it does not load the correct data, but always the initial one, at pos=0.

What have I missed?

Also, using JSONCommonConnector (or any other connector) cannot render ORACLE Timestamp fields, throwing :

com.dhtmlx.connector.ConnectorOperationException: Conversion to String failed

How comes?

[Here are my codes]

Java Servlet

public class JournalState extends ThreadSafeConnectorServlet {

   private static DataSource dataSource;

   public JournalState(final DataSource dataSourceServ ){
      dataSource = dataSourceServ;

   protected void configure(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) {
      //obtain DB connection
      Connection conn = null;
         conn = dataSource.getConnection();
      }catch(Throwable e){
      //Initialize connector
      JSONCommonConnector c = new JSONCommonConnector(conn, DBType.Oracle);
      c.servlet(req, res);

      //configure used table and fields
      c.render_table("MYTABLE", "ID", "NAME,LOCATION,QUANTITY");


Webix JS

  view : "datatable",
  id : "journal:datatable",
  autoConfig : true,
  navigation : true,
  select : true,
  resizeColumn : true,
  url : myDataUrl,

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