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Use this code snippet while having included bootstrap and jQuery and you'll see there is a graphical bug on the box and label are put in Bold.

How can this get solved ?



  • Bootstrap redefine default styling for labels, which affects all UI on the page, including Webix widgets. It also adds default margin for the legend tag, which ruins fieldset view.

  • I understand but wasn't Webix supposed to be fully compatible with Bootstrap ?

    How can I solve this problem ?

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    Hello maksim.

    Is there any new in this relations cause I just upgrade to webix 6.07 and I have problems now with sidebar ui to fit everything on the screen. I have to pay attention to something in this new version?


  • Which version of bootstrap are you using?

    Bootstrap contains a customized version of CSS resets, which redefines styles globally, for all elements on the page. As result, some widgets may not work correctly.

    Good thing, in most cases it trivial to resolve the issue by adding a custom CSS for top-level webix widgets, but exact CSS may differ for different Bootstrap versions.

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