Validate activeList Inputs

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I'm trying to create data checks for user inputs. In this test sample, there can be no duplicate values for the list item ( ).

I was able to do this with datatable easily by using "onBeforeEditStop", but that event isn't available for richselect or ui.list. I was hoping someone could help me with this.

Also, I can't recreate the issue here, but the richselect requires two clicks first the second and third row. However, after I do the double click, it only requires on click thereafter. Any idea what might be causing this?



  • I never figured out how to do this, but I found an alternative solution that will work by creating another button that would validate the list data. That way I was able to bypass the "onChange" infinite loop that I was getting caught in.

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    To prevent looping, you can use (un)blockEvent API.

    There's no native support for validation for neither activeContent nor inputs outside the form, unfortunately.
    Data can be validated only in the main component (datatable, list, etc. or form/toolbar).

    Here's an example of what can be done with activeContent:

  • Regarding the click-related issue - I am unable to recreate in in the latest build, can you please specify your version of Webix?

    As far as I can see, for now similar behavior appears only if the popup of another richselect was open, so the 1st click closes it and moves the focus to the clicked input without opening its popup (which seems quite appropriate in such case). The same works for the regular suggest-based controls (ui.richselect, ui.datepicker, etc.).

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