columnGroup nested in columnGroup doesnt function properly

I am evaluating Pivot table and need to nest column groups within group in the header. There's no direct way in Pivot as in Datatable so I tried customizing using "onBeforeRender" as suggested by you. One level of grouping works fine but the open/close gets messed if you added second grouping/level. Similar behavior can be seen in Datatable in below snippet ...
If I open "Feb" and try to close "2008" it doesnt close properly.
Further more in using Pivot, and after configuring the structure, the column grouping state (i.e open/close, colspan etc) is all lost.
Pls let me know if this can be fixed or if there is any way around.



  • There's no any correlation between "2008" and "feb.2008" batches. Unfortunately, there is no way to implement nested column groups through the existing API.

    So far the only solution is a strict dependency between batches. Something like

        onColumnGroupCollapse:function(column, batch, visibility){
          if (batch == "2008")
            this.showColumnBatch("feb.2008", visibility);
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