Pivot table value format not working for count operation

For the pivot table the 'values: format' doesn't seem to work if the operation is 'count' but works if 'sum'.
This can be easily demonstrated by the sample ../pivot/samples/01_init/09_value_formatting.html

If you change :

values: [{name:"gdp", operation:"sum", format: webix.Number.format}]


values: [{name:"gdp", operation:"count", format: webix.Number.format}]

the formatting goes back to the default '0.000' format. I have tried other formatting functions like format.numToStr, but same thing happens. Works for sum but not count.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or limitation with the "count" operation, or does something special have to be done to format the values of the count operation.


  • Fixed in the latest version of Pivot, thank you.

    Also, the default format forcount was changed to a standard integer (without decimals).

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