Datatable custom maths in footer - mapCells() throws an error on hidden column

Hi, I'm trying to make custom footer with two columns summaries divied one by another with some other maths as I found in example. It works, but only if both colums used in maths are visible. Is there a way to do similar thing even if column is hidden?


  • It's not possible, as math provides an active reference to the data regarding the grid structure. Hidden columns are not available in the datatable config, so there's no way to reach the needed cell value from such column. The same is true formapCells.

    Instead, you can work with the original dataset.

    math:"[$r,:2] / [$r,:3]" can be replaced with a corresponding data scheme, and mapCells with eachRow iterator:

  • Oh! Thanks, this works even if both columns used in footer calculation are hidden.

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