DataTable - How can I map a column to a specific field in a JSON object

I am having some problem mapping a column to a specific field in a JSON object.

Each of the row in my data has the following structure:

name: "Paul",
status: {
   id: 1,
   value: 'Single'

I am trying to map a column to I have tried the follow, but it doesn't seem to work:

columns : [
  {  id: 'status', map:'', editor:'select'

The purpose for doing this is so that I can use the select editor to update the ID of status.



  • edited July 2017

    Data mapping assigns the value to the newly created data attribute (which will be edited). There's no built-in solution to update the nested data with the editor, but you can useonAfterEditStop event to apply the same changes to the needed attribute.

    Here's an example for a single data key:

    And for the entire object:

    Please note the options definition: in the first sample, options:["1", "2"] will be initialized as a simple hash of options (available in event handler as editor.config.options), while an array of objects with a key-value pair will result in a full-featured column collection.

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