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i want to to load up to 5 times 3 different views between other views depending on an combo change its values.
One of this 3 views contains a label, a counter and a text field in one row.
The label,counter, and text values come from a controller. So webix doesnt know how many of the max 5 times come from the controller. The JSON from the controller looks like {[id:182781,name:"name1",recnbr:23,counter:2,text:"bla"]}
so: label gets name value, counter gets counter value, text gets text value. i want to store the id in a hidden view in each row.If the json is empty all of the 5 lines should appear .

i found this : https://webix.com/snippet/a67cdb15 and
https://docs.webix.com/desktop__html_markup_init.html for an other way
but this doesnt help.

Any idea?Thx!


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    ok, got it:

    function addWebixView(name,counter,text,recnbr,index){

                type: "line",id:"LINE".concat(index), cols: [{
                    view: "label",
                    label: name,
                    id: "labelText".concat(index),
                    width: 200,
                    {view: "spacer", width: 20,id:"spaceFirst".concat(index)},
                    {view: "counter", id:"counter".concat(index),value: counter,width: 150, css: "man_style"},
                        label: "Track",
                        view: "text",
                        id: "text".concat(index),
                        labelWidth: 170
                        view: "text",
                        id: "texthidden".concat(index),
        $$("layout").addView({view: "spacer", height: 20,id:"spaceSecond".concat(index)}, -1);

    and i call the function onChange on a combo ...works fine;-).."layout" is the ID of the ui.

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