inline-text editor retreive value failure

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While browsing the 'Mastering Data Table' step-by-step tutorial, I notice that the inline-text editor (in the Editing page,!/7 ), fails to retrieve the column value (value='#value#' attribute) and displays 'undefined' in the text box. When I replaced the inline-text with the text editor the value appears correctly. When I assigned the inline-text editor to the Film Title column, the problem was the same.

I tried this in both Firefox and Chrome with identical results. Am i missing something, or is it a bug?




  • I found the solution. The assignment value='#value#' is meaningless, because there is no such attribute of the data object in the aforementioned example. When I assigned an existing attribute (e.g. value='#year#') the year number displayed in the custom inline editor correctly.

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