[ Datatable ] Adjust height to the browser window size

Good day,

How can i adjust/ resize the datatable so it would fit the current browser window size ?

Right now when i resize the window the datatables height stays the same. Have tried " webix.event(window, 'resize', .... " , but it doesn't do anything. ( Mby i have falsely used it )

Here is my snippet : https://webix.com/snippet/45f61f7f

Thank you for your time!



  • firstly remove height and width attributes from table config.
    then either remove container attribute or set appropriate style to the container.

  • @intregal Thank you once again. Had thoughts that the fixed sizes were the problem , but had no idea that u must set style to the container.

  • @intregal Sorry, me again. Is there maybe a way to do the same but with fixed component sizes ? A tip would be enough.

  • if you set container fixed size then table will take it.
    if you set table fixed size then container will take it (in case of "div" height will be taken).
    not very clear what you want to get.

  • @intregal

    I just thought that there is another way to adjust the datatable height when changing the window size, without 'position' but with width and height.

    Right now if i put the sizes to container or table the adjustments do not work.

  • yes, if a component has fixed size, then you can not adjust it by window resize.

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