Combo behaviour when `editable` is true

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I'm trying to use the editable option of the ui.combo but it doesn't seems to work. Everytime the component loses focus, the entered value goes away.

I can't neither get the value trough the form getValues() nor through the component itself.

See the following snippet:

The goal here is to let the user select a value from the combo, but if he wants to create a new one, he'll enter the text and click the 'plus' button. That will fire a request to the server to create this element, add it to the combo and select it.


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    I am running into this exact same problem, on Webix 6.1.5

  • Editable in the combo is prevent reset the entered value. As I can see in the snippet, the focus is lost when the button was clicked. It's expected behavior.

  • So how can I get a combo box to accept a new value and use that on form submit? The docs say 'allows adding the new value to the options list'. How does one achieve that with ui.combo?

  • @michelb
    You can use suggest box and text editor.
    Please check
    Here is shown a sample where you can enter a new value, get value from text input and add it to option list by a button and then, by clicking on Enter key, open an option list with a new value.

  • I don't see any editable combo box in the snippet?

  • Yes, the above solution is the best one.
    You can use combo, but then you will need to add some custom things as here:

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