[ Datatable ] Define template of specific column before Data is loaded

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Good day,

is there a way to define template of specific column before data is loaded ?

I'm trying to do it with 'onBeforeLoad' event, '.config' and '.define' method , but as i understood you can't define columns template with '.define' or can you ?.

Something like this :

          onBeforeLoad: function () {

                var test = this.config.columns[1].id;
                // Gives error
                $$(test).define({ template: "<div class='one'>#sales#</div>" }); 



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    specific cell or column? cell is not created if data is not loaded.
    you can change column's template through

    table.getColumnConfig(id).template = function(){...};
  • @intregal Hopla , i wanted to write columns. Going to try your code. Thanks.

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    @intregal, It's me again. It seems like we can't use




    with 'onBeforeLoad' Event.

    Is there maybe is a similar Event where we can access the columns config and change the column before whole data is loaded into table ?(i guess there isn't).

    Snippet: https://webix.com/snippet/ac27b8c1

  • There's anonStructureLoad event that triggers when the columns are ready: https://webix.com/snippet/d207d27c

  • Thank you @Helga. Have missed that.

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