Collapse individual kanban columns

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I'm looking for a way to collapse individual columns in a kanban view.

I'm displaying the days of a week in a kanban view. I would like the weekends to be displayed in a collapsed state.

I have tried the following:
$$("$accordionitem" + column).collapse();
But this does not work reliable since the ID changes when the view is rebuild.

So given a column number, how I can collapse an individual column?

Thank you for any advice,



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    if you give the columns an id, you can address them

    var kanban = webix.ui({
            { id:'col1', header:"Backlog", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"new" }},
            { id:'col2', header:"In Progress", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"work" }},
            { id:'col3', header:"Testing", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"test" }},
            { id:'col4', header:"Done", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"done" }}
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