How to make a cell multiline

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I need to make a cell, in datatable, to display long text in multiline
how can I achieve it?

Thank you


  • Please check

    • fixedRowHeight set to false
    • adjustRowHeight is called after data loading
  • can it be made to occupy all available visible space ?

  • Yep, it can work with fillspace property

  • I want to make datatable to fill all height of screen, and use multiline cells.
    But in your code snippet you set autoheight:true property, and when I set it in my datatable it didn't fill all height of screen. How can I make my datatable full screen and use multiline cells.
    Thank you.

  • You don't need the 'autoheight' property at all.
    Datatable adjusts to the size of its container by default.

    Here's the corrected snippet:

  • Thank you for explanation. But you use "ready" function to adjustRowHeight. But for me, I use webix jet and this function didn't call...
    ready: function() {
    I try to use adjustRowHeight function in $oninit, but in is not good idea, as I think. So, where is ready function for datatable if I use webix jet?

  • This function works in Jet for me. By the way, Webix Jet supports all Webix features, so the problem must be somewhere else.

    Can you provide a snippet that shows the issue?

  • Yes, I make a small Jet example, and ready function works there. Will figure out why it didn't work in my project. Thanks.

  • Ok, I have made some tests and found this behavior:
    onready event triggers only, when I set "data: test_data" property.
    But I'm synching datatable with data this way:
    "$$('dataList').sync(;" and onready event didn't triggered in this case.
    So what I have to do in my case?

  • Sync takes callback function as second parameter, so you need the following command:

    $$('dataList').sync(, function(){
  • Hi!
    Also when sorting and filtering you need to manually take care of row-resizing.

    Is it possible to do this by setting the view-property, so that the kernel takes care of it itself, and not have to think about it in every component?

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