setCellEditor - text editor

I am trying to use a specialized text editor for spreadsheet cells. I have tried:

sheet.setCellEditor(row,column,{editor: "text", options:[{value:"test"}]});
sheet.setCellEditor(row,column,{editor: "text", options:{value:"test"}});
sheet.setCellEditor(row,column,{editor: "text", value:"test"});

None of the above work. The below works fine, but is not what I need:

sheet.setCellEditor(row,column,{ editor:"richselect", options:["One", "Two", "Three"]});



  • edited August 2017

    The Spreadsheet 's setCellEditor() method is designed for defining dropdown editors for this or that cell. If you need to pass some value to a standard text editor, you should use API of the inner Datatable: 

    //open cell, if needed
    $$("ssheet").$$("cells").editCell(3, 3);
    //set editor value

    Please, check the following snippet

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