QueryBuilder: Date and save/restore state -> issue (bug ?)

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I have created a example with query builder based on the example:

Based on https://docs.webix.com/samples/66_querybuilder/01_initialization/03_datatable.html

Note: I need to resize to display the query builder.

1) If I save the state and and restore I receive error (because that waiting a date and receive a string).
Error: i.value.getTime is not a function

2) Is it possible to specify the date format for the datepicker ?

3) It's possible to specify the width of the querybuilder ?




  • Hello,

    I have another issue, when I user query builder with headermenu, that generate issue when I want to display/hide column.


  • Hi Eric,

    I can confirm both issues. They will be fixed in the next version, thank you for reporting

    Also, now there isn't any possibility to change the width of the Query builder filter, but in the next update we will add the popupConfig option, where width can be specified.

  • Thanks Helga.

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