Method addView is taking longer time to add components at runtime.


I have a requirement, where i have to create minimum of 70 rows with 6 controls per row, what i did is i am creating all the controls as plain JS objects and adding all the objects at once to the window. Initially i was trying to add each row to window, it was taking time. So i created all rows as JS objects at once and added to the window, it improved the performance but still there is a lag in IE.

Can you please suggest is there anyway we can block events which was getting fired while adding, so that window gets created faster.

Ranjith G.


  • With multiple addView, you can use the $freeze flag (prevents any resize) with manual resize afterwards:

    webix.ui.$freeze = true;  
    // addView ... 
    webix.ui.$freeze = false;

    But if the layout configuration with all nested views is added at once on init (which is a correct way), there will be no big difference/performance lag in IE, according to our expreience:

    So can you please provide a sample to test or at least more information about your performance issues?

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