fieldset over two columns

I want to be able to divide the available space in the form with the two fieldset to equally use the available space.
However I don't seem to be able to make it work on the width side, height is easy to do by adding extra spacer.



  • You should use text inputWidth instead of width:

  • edited October 2017

    In general, the common behaviour is:

    • a component with no size fits the container (layout)
    • a layout with no size fits the nested components
    • HTML container assumes that either container or Webix UI has the specified size
    • With no HTML container UI will be initialized in the document's body

    Form controls have a default height (38px), and as you've set the precise width, fieldset adjusts to it.

    To fill all available space, you can use a structure with nested rows/cols or (for inputs) inputWidth/Height properties:

  • Thanks a lot for your quick responses

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