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Hi Webix Team,


In this dnd file is not working in Internet Explorer.




  • Thank you for reporting!

  • Hi Listopad,

    Please give me the solution because I am stuck.

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    Unfortunately, there's no quick workaround.
    The issue will be fixed for IE10+ in the next release (due to the limitations of IE, older versions cannot be supported).
    If you need the fix ASAP and have a support subscription, please contact support@webix.com

  • Thanks Listopad.

  • Hi Webix Team,

    Have you update above issue?

  • Hi,

    The fix is now available in Webix 5.0.3 (Pro-only).

    The major update (Webix 5.1) will be available at the end of November.

  • Hi webix team,


    I want the "Drop files here or click to upload" text before file dnd.
    And also on Clicking area we should select file. Because right now I come to know here is the area to drop after dragging file.

    Mira Karale

  • hi webix team,
    Please reply me I am stuck.

  • You can call the Uploader fileDialog() method to select the needed file: https://webix.com/snippet/63a93fee

  • Thanks.

    For text is there any way?

  • You can use the OverlayBoxAPI for the empty list: https://webix.com/snippet/1b55cb14

  • Thanks very much.

  • How to replace duplicate file with message.

  • hi webix team,
    Please reply me I am stuck.

  • Hi Meera,

    You can catch the onBeforeFileAdd event and return false within its handler if there's a same-name file in the uploader collection: https://webix.com/snippet/5d6dfba1

  • Thanks for reply.

    But I want somethig like this https://webix.com/snippet/da2c49b8

    If I am clicking on OK button then the file should get replace and on cancel simply return false.

  • Because now If I am including message box without confirming it hitting url.

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    Yep, confirm boxes do not intercept application flow.

    In your case, you need to prevent file adding anyway, and within a successful callback of webix.confirm you need to add this file by API and send it to server, if your Uploader is configured to do so.

    var id = this.files.add(item);
    this.callEvent("onAfterFileAdd", [item]);
    if (id && this.config.autosend)

    Please, check: https://webix.com/snippet/662b3d63

  • Hi Helga,
    Thanks for reply.
    Its working fine but when I am clicking on Ok there should be only one file(second one).


  • Hi,

    If file is uploaded successfully where to give message for that?

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    To remove the old file from Uploader collection, you can call itsremove method with the file id as a parameter.

    To provide users with the upload message, you can catch the onFileUpload event of the Uploader control. (Please, note that in the snippet tool this event will not fire, as the script does not upload the file, so try it locally).


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    Thank you so much..

  • Hi webix team,

    If my file name is so long in that case I want the horizontal scroll.


  • Hi webix team,

    Is there any way to do so?

  • Hi webix team,

    Here is the snippet https://webix.com/snippet/3b802487
    I want the uploader popup only on click to upload link and there are three rows(i.e. header and 2 list) this whole area should be droppable and at first it will like normal but when i will drag the file over the area I want the dotted border over there.
    Also I want the progress bar not the list of uploaded files(like cross button and green color uploaded sign and all)I want only progress bar instead of that and my 2nd list is coming from server.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi webix team,

    Ignore above snippet.

    In this snippet I did some above functionalities.
    Now I am having only one list and that list is of server data and currently uploaded data.But now I can not see server data. Also while I am uploading the file there is percentage size cross button and uploaded tick button among them I want only percentage button. And once uploading get finish I dont want that currently uploaded list because I will save that on server and take list from server and will show it there. And on drag n drop I want the dashed border to whole container


  • Hello,

    You can check for the solution in the following snippet: https://webix.com/snippet/f11d0ab9

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    Thanks helga.

    I want the confirmation message on delete file(Do you want to delete this file. ).
    Also When I am dragging file over the area I want the text("Drop file here")inside box.
    Also when I am clicking file according to type(i.e. excel,png,audio,video) I want the viewer(png viewer,excel viewer, etc).

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    You can add the webix.confirm message within the onBeforeDelete handler of the files collection.

    You can add the needed text via the .addDropZone() method: 

    $$("filsRecords").addDropZone($$("filesList").$view, "Drop files here");

    Please, check both concepts in the following snippet: https://webix.com/snippet/2603db21 

    We do not have viewers for each type of file. You may have a look at the Excel Viewer, PDF Viewer and a customized template for previewing images.

  • Hi webix team,


    In this I want to show the files name from attachment.
    Now its static I want it from server side. The formate is like
    var attachment = {"External_References":["TImesheet10.ods","Standard_Excel.xlsx","Logos.zip","Meta_AVL_ATFX.xml"]};


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