Incoming Data Parsing is not working in IE (browser compatibility issues in ie)

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Hi webix Team

 we are parsing the data from xml file, the data is parsing in all the browser, expect in IE.

webix.ajax().headers(headerContent).get("data/header.xml", function(text,data){
var xmlDoc = getXmlDoc(text)
var allHeaders = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('HEADER');

Thanks in advance



  • Hello,

    By default, I can't find any issue in IE11 with the following code:

    I would be glad if you provide us more information:
    - IE/Webix versions
    - server response (if any)
    - type of the error and on what step it appears

    Or/and (the best option) a demo in our snippet tool where the issue can be easily detected.

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    Hi Listopad

    Thank's for spending time with us, i have fixed the issue.


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