Datatable loop thru rows

Hi. I'm struggling with this one.
I'm have a datatable. I need to loop thru each row. Get the value of cell 1 and 2, depending on the value of the rest of the cells, i need to get the column header.
Example. Cell 1 and 2 in a row will be name and date, cell 3 to 18 will be values. If those values is anything other than ACD or blank i need to get the column heading for those cells.



  • DataFilter object works with any data available on the client-side and will render any valid string/HTML in header/footer content, so you can iterate through the data and do the needed checkup.

  • How to i set this to a specific datatable

  • Perhaps as an click event on a button

  • This will work in any datatable where


    is set in a column configuration.

    Apart from the datatable init, you can set new configuration of the column header:

    grida.getColumnConfig("title").header = [{content:"dynHeader"}];

    Please note that refreshColumns refreshes the entire datatable and may affect the performance.

  • Thank you,

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    Hi, Setup is as follows.
    Sidebar and multiview. One of the cells in the multiview is a datatable.

    So when i do this.

    {id:"FullName", header:[{content:"dynHeader"}],adjust:"data",cssFormat:mark_cells},
    {id:"ShiftDate",header: "Date",adjust:"data",cssFormat:mark_cells}

    The navigation function to that cell stops working. If i remove the dynHeader code and just give the header a name then the navigation works fine.


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, I can't repeat the described behaviour.
    Can you please provide a sample where the issue can be seen?

  • Hi, i got it working for now thanks.

  • Is there another way of doing this, example datatable.EachRow

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    Can you please explain the requirements?

    datatable.eachRow iterates through the rows regarding the applied filtering/sorting, so some data can be lost. allows iterating through all data available on the client side with the 3rd parameter set to true:{
       console.log(" "+column);
       if (obj && obj[column] && obj[column] != "ACD"){
    }, master, true); 
  • Thank you. My Table setup is as follows. Columns: Full Name; Date; the rest of the columns headers is time starting at 00:00 ends 23:30 . 30 min incr.
    I need to loop thru each row, get the Full Name; Date; Value if not ACD or null and the column header for that value. So. it will look like this.
    Marco Zaaiman; 2017/11/13; Training; 08:00.
    I would like to share the code but it's very lengthy and have loads of dependents.

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