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Hi all,
the following snippet does not works on mobile:

{ id: "x_view_track", key: "AIzaSyAi0oVNVO-e603aUY8SILdD4v9bVBkmiTg", view: "google-map", zoom: 6, center: [48.724, 8.215] }

debugging my app I saw that webix engine tries to load:


which is not possible, why?

After lokking at webix_debug.js source code I discovered that I could use the src attribute in cofig to pass the actual google link for rest, so adding:

src: "",

the snippet works fine.

this one does not works at all:

$$("x_view_track").add({ lat: 48.137, lng: 11.575, title: "Munich" })

Is it a bug or I made a mistake in my snippet?



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    You should ensure that the map is ready at the moment you add marker data (regardless of whether you use a custom src or not).

       $$("x_view_track").add({ lat: 48.137, lng: 11.575, title: "Munich" });

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